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Posted at 2022-10-19

Guangxi Education Press was founded in1986It is a professional publishing house of education under Guangxi Publishing and Media Group.2009By the end of the year, it will be transformed from a public institution into an enterprise。Average annual publication of books1000种。Existing staff of the whole society131People, built-in20Departments, holding subsidiaries1个。We always adhere to the correct political direction and publishing orientation, adhering to the "rooted education, including feeding eight students;Casting fine products, inheriting human civilization "social training, after30Years of hard work,Gradually formed the main business segment of teaching materials and publishing,The market book section is based on educational theory and the publication of teenagers' reading books,And a publishing matrix featuring the history of Chinese science, the language dictionaries of Southeast Asian countries, and ethnic ancient books,It has achieved better social and economic benefits,Maintain a healthy and sustainable development trend。

A number of "double-effect" excellent quality books were selected for national key project planning and won various awards at all levels。Among them, "Modern Education Theory Book", "New Yue Chinese Dictionary", "Atlas of the Cultural History of Ethnic Minorities in China", "The Rise of Southwest China", "History of Chinese Biology, Modern and Contemporary volume", "Mulao Ethnic documents of ancient books Photocopied Notes" and other books,It has won the "Five and One Projects" Award of spiritual civilization construction, the China Publishing Government Award and the China Excellent Publication Award and other national awards。"Education Research Books of countries along the Belt and Road", "Modern Thai-Chinese Dictionary", "Oral History Series of Rural Teachers", "Oral Records of Contemporary Chinese Language Educators (the first series)", "History of Chinese Geoscience · Ancient Volume", "History of the Communist Party of China's Centennial Education Map", etc54These key books are included in the National Key book publishing plan, the National Publishing Fund Project, the National Social Science Fund Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project, and the press and publishing reform and Development Project library。2001The "New Chinese Reader" published in this year has been sold well so far, and "New Chinese" has become a classic reading brand in the hearts of readers of all sizes。In recent years, the book copyright output has been realized200The copyright is exported to Germany, Canada and other European and American countries, as well as countries along the "Belt and Road"。Build high-quality digital products in basic education, characteristic education, youth reading and other sectors, and build "books.+Digital content+平台+The "activity" education service model provides online and offline education resources。Actively practicing corporate social responsibility, donating books, materials and equipment to schools and libraries at all levels to help build a bookish society in disaster relief and poverty alleviation, the "100 schools and thousands of schools" project, national reading and other activities。2013It was awarded the title of "Harmonious Unit of the Autonomous Region" and "Civilized Unit of the Autonomous Region" by the Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee of the Autonomous Region。

在全面开启建设教育强国的新征程中,Guangxi Education Press坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,以更加坚定的理想信念和历史担当,承担起新时代教育出版的新使命,为实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦做出更大贡献。

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