Guangxi Nationalities Publishing House research and exchange
Released at 2023-06-30



On the morning of June 27, 2023, Liang Qiufen, deputy editor-in-chief of Guangxi Nationalities Publishing House, and his delegation visited Guangxi Education Publishing House to carry out research and exchange。广西教育Publishing housePresident Shi Limin, deputy editor Wu ChunxiaTake part in a discussion。


At the symposium,President Shi Limin introduced the situation of the Party building leading the business development and deepening the three system reforms of Guangxi Education Press in recent years, as well as the experience and practice in talent training such as the chief editor system, the tutor system, the project manager system, and the support mechanism of the young editor project。Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the collation and publication of Guangxi minority ancient books and the construction of Guangxi ancient book library, and in the aspects of platform construction, resource protection and decoding, resource integration and standardized storage, and the construction of ancient book talent teamReached a preliminary cooperation intention。

Guangxi Education PressIntegrate publishing center, ancient book publishing center, office, Party and mass department and other departments together参加Have a discussion交流。