"Striving for a new era, youth with responsibility" -- Guangxi Education Press held a symposium for young employees
Released at 2022-05-06

To celebrate the May fourth Youth Day, carry forward五四Spirit, strengthen the construction of the company's talent team,To further stimulate the vitality and creativity of young employees,Promote the company's high-quality development,2022年5月5日下午Guangxi Education Press (hereinafter referred to as"Education Club") organized the "Struggle for a New Era, Youth with Responsibility" young employees symposium,认真Listen to the voice of young employees,了解Young employeesDynamic thinking, continuous implementation"I do practical things for the masses" practical activities。The leadership of the education community, members of the Youth League branch, and representatives of young employees attended the symposium。

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At the meeting, from all departments and positions of the education community21 young staff representatives focus on innovative development, talent training and so on主题,畅谈Impressions and gainsFrom the innovative topic selection ideas, strengthen brand building, develop digital resources, innovative marketing methods, improve business capabilities, strengthen team cooperation and other aspects of specific suggestions, fully demonstrated我社青年员工Responsibility and enthusiasm。


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After listening carefully to everyone's speeches, Shi Limin, secretary and president of the General Branch of the Party of Education SocietyConcluding remarks。She pointed out thatMulti-channel,形式Listen to employeesTo solve the demands of the masses and broaden the channels for employees to participate in the reform and development work of the whole society is an important content of our social work。After the meeting, the leadership team of the community will carefully study the opinions and suggestions put forward by the representatives of young employees, effectively solve practical problems, safeguard the employees' right to know, participation, expression and supervision, and constantly improve the employees' sense of gain and happiness。Shi Limin stressed that the leadership team of the society will further build various platforms for young employees to display their talents, encourage young employees to innovate, improve themselves, and contribute youth power to the reform and development of the education society。

The education club is currently staffed132, including young employees under the age of 3574Name, Jambi56Young employees are the "main force" and "pillar" of the high-quality development process of the education club.。The young employees who participated in the forum said that they will be confident, meet the challenges, based on their own duties, and contribute to the high-quality development of the education society。